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Governing your company can be as simple as conducting annual meetings and preparing meeting minutes or as complex as managing the roles and relationships between a company’s management, its board of directors, its shareholders and the company’s lenders, suppliers, customers and communities affected by it activities.

For many closely held corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies, entity governance will be relatively simple. Annual and special meetings held for the purpose of fulfilling statutory requirements or recommended practices with minutes that accurately reflect the decisions made and in some cases, the reasons for those decisions will adequately provide for governance of the enterprise.

    For other companies, conflicts of interest; customer, vendor and lender relationship management; economic efficiencies; regulatory compliance; and community interest management will require formalization of the governance process. Often outside counsel can provide management with a perspective of the legal framework within which management is operating as well as an objective view of the circumstances under consideration by management as it employs its decision making process in these complex areas of business.

    We have extensive experience in the preparation of bylaws and ownership agreements and working with management as they resolve questions related to corporate governance. We understand the business and legal implications related to the ongoing operations of your company.