9th Circuit Court of Appeals

You have litigated a question of tax law in the US Tax Court or federal district court and the court's decision did not favor your position. If you remain committed to your position, you have a limited time period to file a notice of appeal with the Court of Appeals for review of the trial court’s decision.


The trial court has ruled in favor of the government. You remain committed to your position that the government has erred and legal authority exists that suggests your position is correct. You have the right to have the federal court of appeals review the trial court’s decision in your case. However, there is very little time during which you must file a notice of appeal with the court or your right to an appeal will be barred.

You must first decide to whom you will entrust the responsibility of advocating your positions before the court. Your advocate must recognize their primary objective and have the skills and ability to maintain their focus on the primary objective, which is helping you resolve your dispute favorably, economically and professionally through negotiations with the attorney for the Internal Revenue Service or before the court of appeal’s panel of judges.

The Bessert Law Firm has the technical expertise, experience and professional decorum you should expect from your advocate as we work together to resolve your case in US Court of Appeals.