Federal District Court

You have filed a claim for refund and the IRS has denied your claim. You have the right to file a suit for refund in federal district court for review of your claim.

    The Internal Revenue Service has denied your claim for refund and you believe that it is in error. You have the right to file a lawsuit in federal district court for review of your claim for refund if the statute of limitations has not barred your claim. 

    If you have decided to pursue review of your refund before the federal district court, you must decide to whom you will 

entrust the responsibility of advocating your positions before the court. Your advocate must recognize their primary objective and have the skills and ability to maintain their focus on the primary objective, which is helping you resolve your dispute favorably, economically and professionally through negotiations with the attorney for the Internal Revenue Service or at trial before a judge.

    The Bessert Law Firm has the technical expertise, experience and professional decorum you should expect from your advocate as we work together to resolve your case in federal district court.