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Claims for Refund

A mistake was made on your federal tax return; you have overpaid the amount of tax due and you are entitled to a refund. To receive your refund you will need to file either an amended tax return or a claim for refund.

      The tax law is a complex area of law and on occasion it is possible that a mistake could have been made in the preparation of your federal income tax return that caused you to overpay the amount of tax due. The error could be relatively simple, such as an error in arithmetic or the error could be complex in nature that requires a detailed explanation.

    When you find a mistake on federal tax return, an amended tax return or a claim for refund must be filed for you to receive a refund of the overpaid tax. In either case, standard IRS forms must be completed and filed and in cases involving complex issues, detailed position statements and disclosures.

    If the error on your tax return is related to a complex issue of the tax law, the Bessert Law Firm can provide you with the research capabilities, formal analysis and preparation of the documentation you will need to support your claim for a refund.