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Installment Agreements

You have an outstanding account with the Internal Revenue Service that is currently due and you have been notified that unless you pay your account in full, the IRS will initiate collection activity immediately. 

The IRS is authorized to accept payments over time if you lack the ability to pay the amount due in full.

     The IRS has contacted you concerning the payment of an outstanding tax debt. It is possible that you do not have the resources to pay the entire amount on demand or if you did pay the entire amount immediately, your financial resources would be temporarily depleted or adversely affects you or your business’ ability to generate income. Nevertheless, the IRS continues to demand payment in full. 

     You have the right to present payment terms to the IRS that would afford you the opportunity to pay your tax obligation over time.

     It is important to recognize that as you develop an installment plan that you include a clear presentation of facts that explains either why you or your company do not have the ability pay the amount due in full at this time or the effect payment in full will have on you or your company’s ability to generate income in the near term. Equally important is that either presentation should include adequate substantiation or third party substantiation of the facts or projections you are presenting as a basis for the installment plan you are presenting to the IRS.

   Quite often a third party intermediary who is representing your interests can provide you with:

  1.   Distance from direct communications with IRS personnel which allows you make decisions that appropriate for your personal or business affairs;
  2. Information concerning the nature, extent, timing and procedural requirements that the IRS must observe in conducting its collection activities;
  3. Objectivity in the process of assessing your true ability to provide for the payment of your tax obligations or the abilities of your business to provide for the payment of its tax obligations; and
  4. The analytical skills that are necessary to develop an installment plan with a high probability of success based upon the facts known at the time the plan is developed.  

We have the technical expertise and experience you should expect from your advocate to work with you as we develop the structure of an installment agreement, prepare and present the installment plan to the IRS, and resolve your case with favorable terms given the nature of the circumstances as presented.